Martha Maroney (Trimar Communications) wrote customer case studies for me back when I founded Projectline Services, and since then has written dozens of case studies for our high-tech clients, as well as some of our own internal success stories. As a case study writer, Martha always makes the effort to craft an engaging and substantive story and is exceptionally dedicated to quality and customer satisfaction. Moreover, she strives to ensure that her communications with end customers are consistently professional and productive. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her and recommend her highly to others. Anika Lehde, Cofounder and Principal, Projectline

At Litéra, we wanted a case study program to showcase our successful engagements with customers, and Martha Maroney (Trimar Communications) helped us establish one. At the outset she defined a process that works for us and our customers, and has since delivered powerful case studies on time and on budget—and with the lively details that make it clear to readers how solutions from Litéra can help attorneys and other professionals to work smarter, faster, and more effectively. If you want a writer who can also manage a project, a project manager who can also write, and an all-round professional, I strongly recommend Martha Maroney. Michael Susong, Marketing Manager, Litéra

We produce customer case studies for Microsoft, in both video and written formats. To maximize the client’s ROI and minimize the customer’s time investment, we typically produce the written version of the case study straight from the transcripts of original interviews. Martha Maroney (Trimar Communications) has been our point person on these written case studies, transforming content designed for video delivery into a form better suited for reading. Every time, she has demonstrated deep understanding of the messaging required by the client and has delivered a clean, clear, and convincing narrative. When Martha is working on a project, I have no worries because I know it will be done on time and with the highest quality. I highly recommend her expertise and professionalism. Bob Johannsen, Senior Producer, Director, Koneshno Studios

As the Marketing Communication Manager in a product group for a major microprocessor manufacturer, I was responsible for developing marketing materials on processors, boards, chassis, adapters, platforms, and controllers for an assortment of server and workstation systems. For over three years, Martha Maroney (Trimar Communications) supported me and my team in this endeavor—writing, editing, and/or proofreading more than 50 different product briefs, multiple animation scripts, and content for 25 branded packages. Martha was everything I could ask for in a freelance writer/editor: fast to pick up technical concepts and objectives, really fast on turnarounds, and fun to work with. As a proofreader in particular, she demonstrated a mastery of syntax, punctuation, usage, and other elements of grammar beyond that of anyone else I have ever worked with. I enthusiastically recommend Martha Maroney. Diane Wilford, Principal, Koumi Communications

As a Senior Project Manager at another local marketing and design agency, I worked with Martha Maroney (Trimar Communications) on several marketing communications projects. With often just a single interview and limited background materials, Martha delivered copy and messaging about highly technical information and complex concepts in a way our target audiences could understand and retain—and she did this time and time again. I endorse her impeccable professionalism and recommend her services. Curt McKay, Account Supervisor, CMD Agency

As Content Manager at an integrated marketing and design agency, I worked closely with Martha Maroney (Trimar Communications) on multiple occasions over several years. Through collaborations on customer case studies and solution briefs for various high-tech industry leaders, Martha consistently brought diverse content elements into a compelling and business-driven narrative. Martha is an extremely talented content developer—I highly recommend her. Tom Briggs, Marketing Content Director, Caffelli

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