At Trimar Communications, I take pride not only in delivering copy informed by decades of experience, but also in providing service marked by the highest levels of integrity. I work hard to provide an excellent product for my clients—and equally hard to ensure that our collaboration proceeds smoothly, easily, and with complete transparency.

When you engage Trimar Communications on a project, you know up front exactly how much it will cost. As an independent contractor for more than 20 years, I well understand the unpredictable nature of projects involving multiple stakeholders with potentially conflicting interests and objectives. I expect the unexpected, from the very start, and build that into the quoted price—so you have no surprises.

If you and I have worked together before, I arrive at that quoted price based on our prior engagements. If our engagement is a new one, I apply a novel approach to pricing: for a project on a given type of deliverable—a customer case study, an article, or whatever—I will complete three projects at the price you are accustomed to paying for that type of deliverable. At the close of the third project, after billing is complete, I will determine whether that price works for me going forward or needs to be renegotiated for future projects. This approach to pricing enables me to work with clients who may have smaller budgets, but highly efficient processes, on engagements that are lucrative for us both.

If you need help with a marketing-collateral project—whether writing something entirely new, rewriting or updating previously published material, or copy editing a draft in progress—I am happy to schedule a no-obligation conversation to see if there is a fit between your need and my services, and how best to make it work. Let’s connect soon.

Trimar Communications