Martha Maroney, Principal, Trimar Communications

Since founding Trimar Communications in 1989, I have provided professional copywriting services to software and systems manufacturers, educational publishers, and other businesses, directly and through agencies. I have written more than 350 published customer case studies—my specialty—as well as articles for online and print magazines, product briefs, brochures, data sheets, white papers, newsletters, catalogs, and more. I also have done a significant volume of rewriting and copy editing, helping clients to make existing material more timely, more effective, or simply more professional.

To every project that comes my way, I apply knowledge and skills ranging from an undergraduate degree in computer science to professional experience as a broadcast journalist, technical writer, product support specialist, and business owner. Through my love of language I bring to my work an unmatched proficiency in syntax, punctuation, usage, and style—which makes my writing easily accessible to global readers. Through my organizational skills I am comfortable managing an entire project or parts of it, as the engagement requires.

I am an expert interviewer as well, having conversed with everyone from athletes to policy makers in my earlier work as a journalist, and from dot-com startup artists to senior executives of Fortune 100 corporations in my current work as a case study specialist. Having studied foreign languages and twice lived outside the United States, I am comfortable talking with people from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds. And I am careful to speak in a way that is clear to listeners whose preferred language is one other than English.

Above all, I bring to every conversation a level of courtesy and professionalism that is highly appreciated by global customers.

Over the past 24 years, dozens of companies and agencies have engaged Trimar Communications to provide them with compelling collateral on a wide array of product technologies. If you have a product-collateral project in mind for your own company or for a client, or simply want to learn more about Trimar Communications, please let me know.

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